Renate von Löwis of Menar

Textile Art / Textile Design / Fashion Design / Set Design

Based in Hamburg since 2000.


Textile design

  • Small carpet and cushion collections, on order basis
  • Specialization in the production of unique pieces

If the customer is interested, he/she can contact me by e-mail and tell me what he/she wants. If I make a design, it will cost about 500€, but in the end it will be charged with the final price.

Fashion design

  • One of a kind hand knitted products, like sweaters, jackets, scarves etc. 
  • Designs for t-shirt prints, for bands
  • Costume jewelry


  • Weaving and design for beginners and advanced students
  • Spinning courses

I work in a modern and spunky way, which for me means first of all creating things with bright colors and sometimes with unusual shapes. I find my inspiration in nature, but also on walks through the city. When an interesting color combination crosses my path, I quickly make a little color sketch at home and file it in my little color archive. But the main inspirations for me are the Bauhaus movement and the world of haute couture fashion. Here I merge two very opposite fields. On the one hand understatement and functionality, on the other hand bold and sometimes overloaded and sometimes non-functional but very impressive creations.

I want to create "eye candy", my main goal is to make pieces that give the viewer pleasure to look at. But my tapestries additionally have a unique feel, which is very pleasant. 

My main work are the tapestries, which consist of an interplay of flat woven and knotted raised surfaces. For this I use the over 2000 years old Ghiordes knot, which I have changed in the technique so that it is easier for me from the hand. 

Prefabricated designs and drawings, I use only for my design work and ordered unique pieces, all pieces that are to be classified in the art area, are created freely, without any templates.

I live in Hamburg, on St. Pauli, in a very inspiring very nice neighborhood, with many small stores, galleries and cafes. Many artists have settled here over the last 30 years. I like to compare St. Pauli with the little Gallic village from the Asterix & Obelix comic.